We leverage AI-driven ITSM platforms and advanced analytics to deliver predictive and proactive IT support services. Our experts decouple operational complexity through automation and orchestration, drastically reducing the mean time to repair and boosting system availability. Our ITIL-aligned processes for incident, problem, and change management are designed to maximize IT operational efficiency and business continuity. We address business challenges such as IT cost optimization, risk mitigation, and digital transformation.

Ensure your future-readiness of your IT infrastructure with our scalable IT support services, designed to grow alongside your business!

Enhance Business Agility with Our Professional IT Services

Optimize your IT operations with our support services, designed to rapidly respond to changing business landscapes. Our advanced solutions ensure your IT infrastructure aligns with your business strategy, fostering innovation and driving growth.

 Software Development

Software Development

Our solutions incorporate microservices architecture for flexibility and Docker for effortless deployment. We leverage CI/CD pipelines for rapid delivery and ensure software compliance with industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and GDPR.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We use React Native for cross-platform development and Swift for iOS-specific applications. Our apps incorporate advanced features like geolocation, push notifications, and third-party integrations, following stringent security protocols for data protection.

Web Development

Web Development

Our solutions utilize server-side rendering for optimal performance and micro frontends for scalable, maintainable codebases. We implement Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster content delivery and DDoS protection.

Web Design

Web Design

We follow a mobile-first design approach, ensuring optimal viewing across devices. We use A/B testing for design validation and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies to turn visitors into customers.

IT Staffing

IT Staffing

We provide professionals skilled in niche areas like AI programming, quantum computing, and IoT. Our flexible staffing solutions include contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire, meeting your short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Software Testing

Software Testing

Our services employ behavioral-driven development (BDD) for better collaboration and readability. We use cloud-based load testing for scalability checks and OWASP guidelines for security testing.

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Our services include managing hybrid cloud environments and implementing Infrastructure as Code for efficient provisioning. We use predictive analytics for infrastructure optimization and anomaly detection.

Database Consulting

Database Consulting

Our services include database performance tuning, data modeling, and optimizing SQL queries. We leverage database sharding techniques for handling large volumes of data and employ database encryption for enhanced security.

Our Software Development Process

Our software development teams follow this efficient and streamlined process to ensure your business goals are achieved:


Information Gathering


Requirement Analysis


Software Architecture Design


Software Development









  • 01

Information Gathering

  • 02

Requirement Analysis

  • 03

Software Architecture Design

  • 04

Software Development

  • 08


  • 07


  • 06


  • 05


The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services to The Philippines

Outsourcing IT services to the Philippines offers businesses significant advantages, from cost savings to access to a highly skilled talent pool. The country's strong IT infrastructure and proficiency in English make it an ideal destination for IT outsourcing services.

Cost-Effective Services

The Philippines offers competitive pricing for IT outsourcing services, providing access to top-tier technical expertise at a fraction of the in-house cost.  

High-Quality Services

Filipino IT professionals, many of whom are certified in various IT specializations, consistently deliver services that meet international standards of quality and innovation.

English Proficiency

The high literacy rate and English proficiency in the Philippines ensure clear, effective communication, facilitating seamless project management and execution.

Cultural Compatibility

With a culture deeply influenced by Western norms and business practices, the Philippines offers a culturally compatible environment for IT outsourcing, ensuring efficient collaboration.

Data Privacy and Security

Adhering to international data privacy regulations such as GDPR and employing robust cybersecurity measures, IT services in the Philippines ensure the protection of sensitive business data.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer-centric approach of Filipino IT professionals, combined with their technical expertise, results in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Advanced Technologies

The Philippines' IT sector is adept at leveraging innovative technologies, including AI, cloud computing, and blockchain, to deliver advanced IT solutions.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous QA processes, including automated testing and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) practices, ensure the reliability and performance of software developed in the Philippines.

Performance Insights

Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, Filipino IT professionals offer actionable insights into system performance and user behavior, driving data-driven strategic decisions.

Expert IT Service Providers: Your Partner in Digital Transformation

We deliver customized IT solutions while harmonizing worldwide expertise with local business needs. Get in touch with us today to ensure uninterrupted business operation!

Client Testimonials

Flatworld technicians are professional and have caught on quickly to even our more complex end-user troubleshooting fixes. The team has been exceptional in following up and ensuring that our customers are satisfied, often going above and beyond to deliver success.

IT Services Company

Director - Managed Services

Thank You Flatworld! It was so great to have you and your team support during our massive POP launch. I look forward to partnering in the future. Please extend my gratitude to your team.

US eCommerce Firm

Sr. Manager eCommerce FirmUSA

They have so far surpassed our expectations. They made things easy, I felt very accommodated.

Cosmetic Service Industry


Flatworld Philippines has been efficient for the most part since they took over the project. Their team has been hitting the weekly customer transfer numbers per agent we discussed and has been easy to communicate with. We are pleased with the overall working relationship, especially considering the geography and time difference.

US-based Travel Agency

Founder and CEO

Their service is very attractive and necessary for its low costs.

Manufacturing Company

Director of IT

Case Studies

Data Entry for e-Commerce Industry

Flatworld Philippines Streamlines Data Entry with 99% Accuracy for a Leading American eCommerce Firm.

Tech Support Services for the MedTech Industry

A software solution provider for veterinary, research and medical facilities that develops interactive EHR/EMR records, treatment sheets, accounting solutions, etc had a slow response time.

Tech Support for IT Services Industry

Flatworld Philippines Enables Top IT Services Company to Optimize Technical Support.

Customer Support Services for the Hospitality Industry

Flatworld Philippines Empowers Online Travel Agency to Identify Fraud Transactions and Save over $500K in Just Five Weeks.



In the selection process, prioritize expertise, technological capabilities, and a proven track record. Look for a partner that aligns with your business needs, possesses a legacy of technical leadership, and offers a comprehensive suite of services .

Outsourcing IT service solutions can revolutionize your business by providing access to innovative technologies and specialized expertise. A strategic approach focused on transformative solutions can elevate operational efficiency and foster innovation.

The approach to pricing is transparent and tailored to your business requirements. Ensure a fair and flexible model that aligns with the scope, complexity, and goals of your projects.

Security is a priority. Robust measures, including advanced encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, are employed to safeguard your business data. The commitment extends beyond compliance to ensure comprehensive protection against evolving threats.

Yes, the option of a dedicated IT professional team for your project is available. This ensures a focused and specialized approach, aligning experts directly with the objectives and challenges of your business initiatives.

Post-project, a range of support and maintenance options are provided, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your IT solutions. Dedicated teams stand ready to address evolving needs or challenges that may arise.

Absolutely, IT services are designed to be flexible and customizable. Close collaboration ensures understanding of unique business needs, tailoring solutions accordingly for a seamless fit and maximum impact.

A swift response to IT issues is a priority. Dedicated support teams are strategically positioned to provide timely assistance, ensuring minimal downtime and swift resolution to keep your operations running smoothly.

Yes, we do. As an IT servicing company with 10+ years of experience, we thoroughly understand the kind of support your small business needs to ensure smooth and efficient operations. We endeavor to keep your data secure; we ensure your network is always up and running, manage your hardware and software, and provide technical support when needed.

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