Call Center Services

A call center's communication is restricted to voice. In contrast, a contact center uses multi-channel options via text chat, email, and web interfaces to provide a holistic omnichannel customer experience. At Flatworld Solutions, we cater to customers across all channels. Our agents are trained to multi-task across these channels, to give your customers an excellent experience, on your behalf, when they contact us.

Customer Service is an essential aspect of any business. Excellent customer service translates into an excellent customer experience. Excellent customer service is important for customer retention. By outsourcing call center service to experts at Flatworld Solution, you and your team can now focus on core functions of your business without having to deal with the hassle of hiring, training and implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure that is an expensive investment for any business. Flatworld Solutions will work with you to hire qualified resources and train them. We have excellent infrastructure at all our facilities to ensure 100% uptime so you do not have to worry about providing excellent support to your customers. Call centers offer custom reports based on analyzed data and ensure complete transparency in engagement. Apart from data-driven processes, call center services in the Philippines employ expert professionals who are trained to offer personalized services to customers.

A reliable call center has a team of experienced and highly motivated professionals, with excellent communication skills who are trained in offering personalized services to customers. 100% call recording and real-time reporting assist in tracking the performance of their teams. Multilingual call center employees, high employee retention, and competitive rates of call center services in the Philippines help it have a competitive advantage. Call Centers with excellent infrastructure with adequate redundancy at every level are essential to ensure uninterrupted service to your clients.

Outsourced Customer Service, Technical Support, Outbound Telemarketing, and Appointment Setting, Email and Chat Support are various functions a call center can provide. Call centers in the Philippines come with a highly qualified workforce with neutral accents. They are adept at offering competent inbound services, outbound services, telemarketing services, technical support services, CCTV monitoring services, business process as a service, email support services, and chat support services.

Flatworld Solutions is the best 24/7 offshore call center in the Philippines. We have more than 15 years of experience in Outsourced Customer Service, Technical Support, Outbound Telemarketing, and Appointment Setting, offering personalized interactions. Flatworld Philippines is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities - a blend of modern infrastructure and the latest technology - to check call quality track performance with adequate redundancy, built at each level of our IT infrastructure. Our ability to record 100% of all interactions ensures transparency in our engagement. Besides, we work as an extension of your team to bring value to your business.

Data Entry Services

While looking for reliable data entry outsourcing in the Philippines, you should look out for a company with an excellent track record of providing service to businesses like yours. Certifications such as ISO 27001 that Flatworld Solutions has attained are a testament that information security is at the core of our operations. Flatworld Solutions' infrastructure offers reliable and stable service by providing redundancies at multiple levels, with minimal disruption. The Philippines also offers a timezone advantage where worklists assigned can be completed overnight and made available at the start of business for our customers. We also work as an extension of your team in order to achieve your objectives seamlessly. Our offices operate 24/7 and this will give your business an advantage by deploying resources to provide the optimal coverage as per your business needs.

Data entry services in the Philippines comprise customs brokerage, data conversion, data processing, data mining, property management, document indexing and data analytics services. It includes online and offline data entry. While online data entry requires internet connectivity for processing the available data, offline data entry does not need the internet for such tasks.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading data entry service provider in the Philippines. We offer competent document and data management through advanced tools and technology while transferring files safely to and from their clients' servers. The data entry services are available at extremely competitive rates. We offer a quick turnaround time without compromising on the quality of work. We accurately analyze business needs and streamline data management systems of clients, generating long-term values.

Data entry outsourcing in the Philippines ensures a cost-effective, efficient, quick turnaround of the workload. By outsourcing Data Entry Services to Flatworld Solutions, companies can take advantage of the time zone difference and latest technology infrastructure that assures 100% uptime. Flatworld Solutions Data Entry Services is ISO 27001 certified. Data security and confidentiality are paramount. Data and document management is accessed through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies Data entry companies in the Philippines use advanced tools and technology for their services, offering the services at competitive rates. They assure clients of quality work at a quick turnaround time.

Data entry can be classified into two categories - online and offline data entry. What sets them apart is the requirement for internet connectivity for processing the available data. Offline data entry, as the name suggests, does not need internet connectivity to interpret data. On the other hand, online data entry requires internet connectivity for processing data. Tasks can be as simple as transferring information from scanned handwritten documents to more complex tasks such as in customer brokerage where documents are thoroughly analyzed and input into the system in an appropriate format.

Data entry is the process of keying in data from online or offline sources into a prescribed format either on a spreadsheet or an online tool. Some types of data entry services in the Philippines include transcribing, mentioning accounting records, updating customer information, data mining, custom brokerage, data conversion, data processing, property management, and data analytics. The process may or may not include a certain level of decision-making from the source information to the final output. Flatworld Solutions Data Entry Services has been offering this service to several customers either as a piecemeal project or part of a larger project, from simple data entry from source to the final format to more complex projects where we must look at the source information, analyze, make a decision and the input data into the system or template as required by our clients.

Technology Services

Software development outsourcing refers to collaborating with an organization that is an expert provider of software development functions. This is primarily an IT function and can be outsourced to save time and money for hiring in-house professionals.

IT or Information Technology outsourcing implies working with an expert provider of IT functions needed by a business either short term or long term. These may include software development, infrastructure, maintenance, directing strategy, manning the service desk, and various others. By Outsourcing your IT and Software development needs, you save time and money in hiring and managing a team of a highly-skilled team of professionals.

Flatworld Philippines is a leading provider of outsourced software development and IT solutions in the Philippines. At Flatworld Philippines IT teams are trained regarding security policies and perform periodic audits to ensure keeping customer data safe and secure. Processes are completely transparent and stakeholders are updated regarding work progress. Service standards are maintained as per the agreement signed with businesses at the beginning of the project. Uninterrupted 24/7 technical remote service is offered to ensure that networks are functional at all times.

You need to outsource your software development services in order to leverage the expertise of highly skilled and experienced developers, besides the added advantage of saving time and money. You might find it challenging to hire someone short term short-term or might be struggling with the retention of developers and testers long-term. By outsourcing your IT projects you can leave it to us to hire and manage our workforce while ensuring your project is completed and delivered on time. . Software development outsourcing in the Philippines offers tailor-made solutions for businesses with robust and scalable software development solutions. Skilled industry experts deliver solutions to complex business problems with the use of proven methodologies and structured Information technology processes.

The possibilities are huge. Some areas where customers have been successful in outsourcing IT and Software Development are IT infrastructure management services, mobile app development services, website design, custom product development services, and software testing services. In IT infrastructure management, periodic audits are performed for ensuring the security of customer data. Mobile app development services ensure cross-version compatibility and offer automated tests for a hassle-free experience. Website design and development services are delivered as per the budget, turnaround time, and brand identity. Software testing services use the latest software testing tools to control hacking and breach of data.

Yes, Outsourcing IT and Software Development projects to the Philippines is an effective way for your business. You will find that software development outsourcing in the Philippines is affordable with highly trained professionals. Customized solutions are designed for businesses with robust and reliable software development solutions. Skilled industry experts deliver solutions with the use of proven methodologies and structured IT processes.

Virtual Assistant Services

Understanding your business needs and sourcing the right virtual assistant is paramount to the success of your outsourcing efforts. At Flatworld Philippines, we involve you in the hiring process because you understand your business better than anyone else and you know what skills are needed in a virtual assistant working for you. We go to great lengths to ensure we get the right resource for you. Our time-tested systems, processes, and policies are designed to set you up for success. The right virtual assistant outsourcing provider in the Philippines offers complete operational transparency to the clients, working as an extension of your team while ensuring complete data security. Flatworld Philippines offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, where sufficient redundancies are built in at every stage to provide your business robust business continuity while minimizing downtime. Our Team Managers engage with you on a day-to-day basis to receive feedback, make recommendations proactively and implement changes to give you the best value for your money.

With over 15 years of experience in providing outsourcing services to several businesses worldwide, Flatworld Philippines is a leading provider of Virtual Assistant Services. We understand your business needs and meticulously select the right virtual assistants to work as an extension of your business to help you with your requirements. At Flatworld Philippines, we guarantee complete operational transparency to its clients in terms of recruitment to day-to-day operations by sharing reports, real-time updates, and communication via instant messengers wherever possible. Virtual assistant services in the Philippines can be customized as per the growing business needs of the clients. Besides, there are experienced managers who have the skills to oversee the performance of virtual assistants and maintain standards at all times.

A virtual assistant offers support service, most commonly, administrative services to clients from remote locations. They make phone calls, travel reservations, set appointments, plan events and manage email accounts. Virtual assistant services in the Philippines manage correspondence exchanges, attend to desktop publishing tasks and other administrative tasks.

There is a wide range of administrative tasks that can be delegated to virtual assistant outsourcing in the Philippines. These include appointment scheduling, data entry, event planning, internet research, answering calls, correspondence management, desktop publishing, and travel reservation. Some virtual assistants are highly specialized for certain industries such as Real Estate where they can perform Broker Price Opinion (BPO), handle MLS tasks for marketing, coordinate showings, etc. An Executive Assistant can remotely coordinate with executives and manage their emails, appointments, answer and route calls, besides several other functions. A virtual assistant in the Philippines can work alongside you during your business hours, irrespective of the time zone you are in, offering you a great deal of flexibility.

Virtual Assistants are resources who work with clients, typically one-on-one, on a range of administrative tasks ranging from receiving calls, managing emails, making reservations, booking appointments, preparing documents and presentations, managing social media accounts, coordinating with various departments to accomplish a task, etc. Businesses outsource tasks to a virtual assistant in the Philippines to engage with associates with a range of capabilities, who are adept at multitasking, can communicate well, and get the job done for an affordable price.