The fast-paced digital world demands businesses to keep up with increasing customer expectations. Offering top-notch customer service needs more than just managing call volumes. Our advanced call center services, provided from the heart of the tech-rich region of the Philippines. We harness technologies such as AI-powered chatbots, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and cloud-based telephony. These technological pillars simplify the communication process while enhancing the customer experience. Our team of experts uses these innovative technologies to ensure smooth, fast, and secure interactions between your business and its customers, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

Crafted with every size of business in mind, our solutions are here to stay, adapt, and evolve with your growing needs. Partner with us—your preferred outsourcing partner in the Philippines

Crafting Customer Experiences: Our Call Center Support Services

Technical Call Support

Technical Call Support

We offer reliable technical call support to maintain your technology infrastructure, facilitating smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

Let our virtual assistants handle your administrative tasks efficiently, freeing your time to focus on strategic objectives.

Call Quality Monitoring

Call Quality Monitoring

Improve customer interactions by monitoring calls for quality to identify areas of improvement and implement corrective actions.

Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation Services

We safeguard your online reputation by moderating user-generated content, maintaining a safe digital environment for your brand.

Email Support Services

Email Support Services

We manage your email communications promptly and professionally, ensuring customer inquiries are addressed on time every time.

Live Chat Support Services

Live Chat Support Services

We provide real-time assistance via live chat, resolving your customer issues instantly and providing a seamless online customer experience.

Phone Answering Services

Phone Answering Services

Get professional phone answering assistance to ensure every call is answered promptly and professionally, leaving a positive brand impression.

Back Office Support Services

Back Office Support Services

Our back office support services handle your non-core tasks efficiently, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions and business growth.

Discover the Advantage: Reasons to Choose Our Call Center Company in the Philippines

Uncompromised Quality Assurance

We stand by impeccable standards, ensuring every customer interaction meets the highest quality benchmarks. Our rigorous quality assurance processes drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Always-on Support

With our 24/7 availability, we guarantee uninterrupted support for our customers across different time zones. Whether it's a call, chat, or email, when you hire our call center services, we are always there to respond and ensure seamless customer experiences.

Harnessing Advanced Technologies

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance our service delivery, ensuring fast, accurate, and effective customer interactions. From AI chatbots to advanced CRM systems, we're at the forefront of technological innovation

Actionable Performance Insights

We provide valuable insights into your customer interactions, helping you understand your customers better and make data-driven decisions. These insights empower you to improve your offerings and drive customer satisfaction

Robust Security and Backup Measures

We prioritize data security and provide robust backup systems to ensure business continuity. Your customer data is safe with us, and our systems are prepared to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Enhanced Cost Efficiency

Our call center consulting services offer quality support at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to reduce operational expenses without compromising customer service. Drive growth and profitability with our cost-efficient solutions.

flatworld philippines Customer Support Workflow

Gain the Competitive Advantage by Outsourcing Call Center Service Requirements

Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing call center services to our experts allows you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the customer service in the hands of experts  


Outsourcing call center services provides the flexibility to easily scale up or down depending on business needs and customer demand.

Reduced Training Expenses

Your company saves on the cost and time of training customer service representatives, our teams are well-trained and ready to deploy.

Improved Service Quality

Our call centers have quality assurance processes in place to maintain high service standards

Quick Set-Up

Companies can quickly establish customer support operations through outsourcing, without the need for a lengthy setup process

Risk Management

Outsourcing call centers can often handle unexpected volumes of calls or issues, providing a buffer for your business during uncertain times

Access to Industry Best Practices

We are experts in this field and bring their knowledge of best practices to your business.


Outsourced call centers have backup systems and contingency plans in place, ensuring uninterrupted service

Compliance and Security

Reputable outsourcing companies like ours adhere to the necessary regulatory standards and have robust data security measures in place.

Leverage our Expertise for Customer Service Excellency

Effective customer interaction management is key to thriving in this globalized business landscape. This is exactly what we offer—Philippines-based call center support that combines industry expertise, cultural compatibility, and resource efficiency. Our solutions are not only scalable and tailored to your specific needs but also designed to align with your strategic goals.

For a reliable, strategically aligned, technically superior, and secure call center partner, contact us today!

Client Testimonials

Flatworld technicians are professional and have caught on quickly to even our more complex end-user troubleshooting fixes. The team has been exceptional in following up and ensuring that our customers are satisfied, often going above and beyond to deliver success.

IT Services Company

Director - Managed Services

Thank You Flatworld! It was so great to have you and your team support during our massive POP launch. I look forward to partnering in the future. Please extend my gratitude to your team.

US eCommerce Firm

Sr. Manager eCommerce FirmUSA

They have so far surpassed our expectations. They made things easy, I felt very accommodated.

Cosmetic Service Industry


Flatworld Philippines has been efficient for the most part since they took over the project. Their team has been hitting the weekly customer transfer numbers per agent we discussed and has been easy to communicate with. We are pleased with the overall working relationship, especially considering the geography and time difference.

US-based Travel Agency

Founder and CEO

Their service is very attractive and necessary for its low costs.

Manufacturing Company

Director of IT

Case Studies

Data Entry for e-Commerce Industry

Flatworld Philippines Streamlines Data Entry with 99% Accuracy for a Leading American eCommerce Firm.

Tech Support Services for the MedTech Industry

A software solution provider for veterinary, research and medical facilities that develops interactive EHR/EMR records, treatment sheets, accounting solutions, etc had a slow response time.

Tech Support for IT Services Industry

Flatworld Philippines Enables Top IT Services Company to Optimize Technical Support.

Customer Support Services for the Hospitality Industry

Flatworld Philippines Empowers Online Travel Agency to Identify Fraud Transactions and Save over $500K in Just Five Weeks.


Accelerate Healthcare Payments by Outsourcing AR

Accelerate Healthcare Payments by Outsourcing AR

Unlocking the Benefits: Outsource Call Center Services

Unlocking the Benefits: Outsource Call Center Services.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Healthcare Practice’s Operations with Flatworld Philippines Healthcare BPO Services.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Healthcare Practice’s Operations with Flatworld Philippines Healthcare BPO Services.

According to Salesforce’s latest State of the Connected Customer report, only 13% of respondents find it effortless to resolve cases. In the healthcare sector, fast

Why Flatworld is a Great Place to Work – Employee Speak.

Why Flatworld is a Great Place to Work – Employee Speak.

Top 3 Trends Call Centers Must Adopt to Stay Ahead of the Change Curveball.

Top 3 Trends Call Centers Must Adopt to Stay Ahead of the Change Curveball.


An experienced call center company like ours in the Philippines functions by taking over all or part of your customer service duties based on your requirements. We handle inbound and outbound calls, provide technical support, perform market research, and manage customer relationships. Our team of skilled agents uses advanced telecommunication technology and robust infrastructure to deliver high-quality customer service.

Businesses worldwide outsource customer service to the Philippines because of the country's highly skilled, English-speaking workforce, cultural compatibility with Western countries, and economically viable services. The Philippines' robust telecom infrastructure also ensures uninterrupted service, making it an attractive outsourcing destination.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner involves evaluating factors such as the company's track record, service quality, technological capabilities, and the skillset of their agents. Determining the outsourcing firm’s flexibility is essential to align with your business needs and time zones.

Yes, call center service providers based in the Philippines do provide 24/7 customer support. Thanks to the country's strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region, it is strategically located to offer round-the-clock services catering to different time zones of global clients.

The cost varies depending on various factors, such as the project's complexity, the skills of agents, and the call volumes. However, the combination of lower costs of living and skilled accent-neutral agents makes outsourcing to the Philippines great value for your investments.

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