Flatworld Philippines' Unwavering Commitment to PCI Compliance and Standards

Flatworld Philippines fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry –Data Security Standard(PCIDSS) regulations and guidelines. It is the global standard that companies adhere to for recording, storing and processing sensitive information related to the credit and debit card transactions of a company's customers. These regulations are managed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.Our systems at Flatworld Philippines are PCI DSS-certified as a result of which we assure fully secure processing of credit and debit card transactions for our clients. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a leading world-renowned institution that mandates information security standards for safe and secure processing of credit and debit card data and financial transactions, ensuring the safety of cardholder data from unauthorized usage, hacking, theft, and other threats. Not complying with the PCI DSS guidelines may lead to penalties, fines, loss of reputation, and more.

100% Compliance with PCI DSS Guidelines

At Flatworld Philippines, our biggest priority is to safeguard our clients' sensitive data related to payments, cards and financial transactions. Our experienced consultants are trained in managing compliance with PCI DSS guidelines. Compliance with PCI DSS helps Flatworld Philippines reinforce its commitment to abiding by the information security practices of the highest standards, at all times. There are recurring obligations mandated by the PCI around the year. Our services are designed in a way to comply with them completely.

Stringent Process Followed at Flatworld Philippines for PCI DSS Compliance

Complying with a host of guidelines mandated by the PCI DSS needs a foolproof process in place. This usually begins with analyzing the need for storing and processing credit card information of our clients. This is followed by identifying the data of all the cardholders and the IT assets that would be used to process this data and then performing vulnerability assessment. The relevant reports are generated and sent to the banks and credit card companies. The quality of our compliance is continuously tested and assessed to ensure no stone is left unturned while complying with the standards and guidelines prescribed by PCI DSS.

Complying With Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Regulations

We are one of the leading PCI DSS compliant service providers in Philippines. The PCI DSS compliance helps Flatworld Philippines identify and resolve vulnerabilities related to operating system, network server, web applications, which may hamper the processing of payment card data.

Our experts prepare a PCI Report on Compliance, also known as RoC, to define our ability to secure the sensitive data of our cardholders. A Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)verifies our annual submission of the RoC to ensure compliance with the PCI standards and guidelines.

We follow a dedicated comprehensive checklist to ensure we understand the core processes of maintaining security compliance in accordance with the PCI DSS guidelines. Flatworld Philippines works with a security assessor to participate in the regular mandatory audits that are conducted every quarter with respect to PCI DSS compliance.

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