Business Challenge

A prominent healthcare provider in California that offers specialized sleep apnea solutions was finding it a challenge to service an increased number of clients. The healthcare company's clients were facing longer wait times, resulting in a poor customer experience.

The client wanted a cost-effective solution that would maintain their desired quality levels. They researched potential offshore partners who would help them attend to clients faster, increasing their productivity.

Business Impact

Learn how the Flatworld Philippines' Billing and Collections team persistently followed up with customers to reduce overdue accounts receivable from 500 to a 100 odd - a drop of almost 80%. Additionally, their colleagues from Flatworld Philippines in the Resupply team overachieved their sales target by 200%, leading the client to set higher monthly targets, which also the team is achieving regularly.

The client was pleased with Flatworld Philippines agents' consistent performance and added more Flatworld Philippines employees to various departments. Flatworld Philippines agents also handle data entry, insurance verification and intake/scheduling for the client now.

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