Business Challenge

A leading US travel agency that works with resorts, vacation clubs and corporates to provide innovative loyalty programs and a range of customer experience products was at the constant risk of losing a great deal of money due to fraudulent transactions.

The agency was facing both account takeover fraud, or hackers accessing a client accounts to make transactions and chargeback fraud, or robbers buying travel products with a stolen credit card. The travel agency needed a robust solution to tackle technologically savvy fraudsters.

Business Impact

Learn how Flatworld Philippines set up a robust fraud prevention structure for them to systematically prevent losses. Our trained Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Team worked 24/7 to identify suspicious transactions using a variety of methods.

Flatworld Philippines Fraud and Loss prevention team saved more than $500,000 for our customer in just five weeks. This figure is also the monthly average revenue saved by the Flatworld Philippines Fraud and Loss Prevention team for the three years since its inception.

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