Building Meaningful and Engaging Customer Interactions with High-Performance

For organizations that receive countless emails daily, it can be a significant challenge to respond to every customer’s query or feedback. And delayed responses or, worse, not responding at all is a sure way of negative customer experience and losing loyal customer base and brand value. Automated replies, too, are not always an efficient solution to this problem.

As a world-class email support service outsourcing center, Flatworld Philippines helps you enhance customer experience and improve revenue generation opportunities by personally responding to the messages addressed to your organization. With our rich experience in serving consumers through different digital channels, our executives are well versed in drafting and generating appropriate and effective email responses that will keep your customers reassured and satisfied while also feeling connected with your brand.

Flatworld Philippines is a leading company that has been at the forefront of developing customized AI-enhanced email support services for businesses. In today’s fast-paced world, where timely issue resolution is crucial, AI has revolutionized email support services. With its ability to provide multilingual support, AI facilitates a better understanding of solutions for a diverse customer base. Through advanced algorithms, AI efficiently sorts and prioritizes emails based on urgency and issue complexity, ensuring promptness and efficiency. Furthermore, our generative AI utilizes internal knowledge bases to provide rapid and accurate responses.

What We Offer

Flatworld Philippines believes that every customer is valuable and must be heard. Acknowledging their concerns, actively responding to their queries, and constructively accepting feedback helps businesses become more successful and popular in their industries with the long-term benefit of enhanced customer loyalty. We empower your organization with these abilities and ensure that correspondence with customers is fruitful, productive, and engaging. When you outsource email support services to Flatworld Philippines, you are assured of:

Active Responses by an Experienced Workforce

Active Responses by an Experienced Workforce

Excelling in email writing etiquette and adept at understanding customer sentiment, our associates have been trained to answer messages professionally for support across different touch points, from pre-sales and sales to post-sales.

Domain Expertise for Technical Support

Domain Expertise for Technical Support

With separate teams that quickly respond to emails with technical queries, we ensure that your customers get to use your products and services effectively with minimal troubleshooting and guesswork.

Assured 24x7x365 Service

Assured 24x7x365 Service

Be assured of round-the-clock availability of executives to manage your email flow as perde fined timelines and ensure that no customer message goes unanswered.

100% Security of Messages

100% Security of Messages

We use proven cyber security and endpoint security solutions to ensure that emails sent to your customers have end-to-end encryption and data privacy is always maintained.

The Flatworld Advantage

By entrusting youremail support requirementswithus, free up your resources to focus more sharply on criticalbusiness while making significant savings on customer service and technical assistance processes. We answer your customers’ and prospects’ queries promptly,which also lowers the call volumes for your voice support helpdesk.

Our email response solutions that strictly conform with service level agreements come with:

Stringent quality control processes

to ensure the usage of professional yet lucid language in every message with no typos or errors  

AI-based Agent Assist-powered personalized replies

with clear responses to the exact query mentioned by the sender for creating stronger connections with your brand

Regularly updated database

with properresponses to frequently asked questions that help you understand customers better

Real-time and prioritized responses

to emails with queries that require immediate attention

Let us help you grow your business. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we create customer experience through innovative strategies that engage customers and adapt to their changing needs.

We partner with you to create custom solutions to take your business to the next level.

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